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Deborah Thomas

Beginning a vegetarian diet can be very challenging especially for an adult. Replacing the textures, flavours, nutrition of meat and poultry can prove difficult or near impossible. What is great is that fact that there are quite a variety of healthy options meals that look like meat but the vegetarian alternative. However, going completely vegan is huge as it not only means going on a vegetarian diet but also living the life of staying away or as much as possible from products made from animals.

One can observe from the famous Linda Loma study of more than 70,000 people found that vegetarians have a 12% lower risk of death from diabetes and heart disease. This was a finding published in the JAMA Internal Medicine says vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. It is general knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables daily constitutes part of a recommended daily healthy diet. Doing this actively on a daily basis means you have taken the first step.


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The first step takes you into the semi-vegetarian stage where there are no strict rules but you can gradually begin replacing the meat in your diet with vegetarian protein sources every now and again. As the saying goes, the more you get into this, it become a part of you. You will find over time you genuinely begin to eat more of vegetables on a weekly basis. This way reduces the pressure on your palette and also finds a comfortable way that suits your lifestyle.

Pesco –Vegetarian

Identifying as a pesco-vegetarian is when you can successfully replace at least two servings of meat per week with fish or seafood. This needs to be on a strict regime and the benefit to this is reduced fat and high calorific intake from consuming meat generally.


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Stepping into a total vegetarian diet becomes a comfortable process beginning with eating no meat or poultry for full days then progressing into weeks without meat or poultry. The key is to getting the nutritional plan scheduled to ensure the daily consumption of the required nutrients is adhered to.

Vegan Living

Who is a true vegan and are there any rights or wrongs? Wanting to save the animals by ensuring there not been killed for the manufacture of exotic designer clothing is a great cause. The fact remains that whatever one does towards this great cause go a long way into saving our environment as well. There are now so many alternative products that look good, great price and are completely vegan. You can be part of this cause either buying more into these products or simply supporting the promotion of them. Whatever one does goes a long way because a vegan lifestyle is an ethical lifestyle.


Michael J. Orlich, M.D. assistant professor of preventive medicine at Loma Linda University in California, USA

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