Xbox unveils eye-catching new translucent controller

Xbox unveils eye-catching new translucent controller


Xbox has unveiled two new controllers for gamers who want to stand out, including one translucent controller offering a glimpse of the tech inside.

The new £60 Phantom Black Special Edition is transparent at its top, around the buttons and control sticks, enabling users to see some of the mechanism inside the device. It can be pre-ordered now, before release in September. It is described as fading from black to champagne gold.

The Phantom Black also features “textured grips” to help users keep it steady during intense gaming.
The slightly less imaginatively named new Grey/Blue controller is also available to pre-order from today and will go on sale in the UK in October.

As the name suggests, that controller is predominately grey, but with a light blue trim on the base of the control sticks and rear casing.

Xbox controllers have long been an area open to artistic experimentation – the gaming giant has its Design Lab where users can create their own custom controller from scratch with any colour scheme they like.

The firm is also due to release its new Adaptive Controller, which aims to improve accessibility for those with limited mobility, in September.