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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Fresh Greek proposals over bailout

Greek officials say they have made new proposals aimed to strike a quick deal with bailout creditors and unlock vitally needed rescue funds. The proposals...

Skyrocketing Net Migration: It’s at 318,000!

Skyrocketing Net Migration: It’s at 318,000! (edited by Afolabi Thomas) Migration is a very big topic as of late, especially with the previous results of the...

Airbus warns UK it could leave over Brexit

Aerospace firm Airbus has become the latest business to warn it would reconsider investing in the UK were Britain to leave the European Union. Paul...

Eurozone economy grows at fastest rate in two years

Official figures show that the eurozone economy grew at its fastest rate for nearly two years during the first three months of 2015. The 0.4%...

EU accuses Amazon’s e-book business of being anti-competitive

Amazon is to be investigated by the European Commission (EC) over possible anti-competitive behaviour in its e-books business. The commission said Amazon had clauses in...

Greece commits to reform efforts

Greece has committed to work intensively with international creditors to resolve outstanding issues holding up its access to bailout loans, according to German Chancellor...

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