Odour-free Summer Days!


The disadvantages of summer is icky sticky skin and the problem of body odour. No matter how cautious we are, often we do not smell like the first breath of spring-summer. Although it can be embarrassing and smelly or pungent, sweating is natural and rather good for us. It’s our body’s way of cooling us down and getting rid of toxins. One can surely fight off body odour, underarm smell and excessive sweating naturally with some effective home remedies. Here’s how to keep body odour at bay and keep yourself fresh at all times.

High on hygiene: Body odour occurs when bacteria in moist areas of the body multiply. This can be gotten rid of by taking shower twice daily, especially during the summer season. One can use antibacterial soaps as they help to unclog pores and stop the bacteria from causing further odour. You can add fragrance and a handful of alum to your bath water, which can act as a powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial element.

Diet control: You need to watch what you eat. Remember caffeine, spicy or pungent foods, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar and cigarettes are culprits for body odour. Basically we sweat what we consume, hence alter your diet to include fresh fruits, salads and vegetables(a lot of spinach, kale, chard), fiber or whole grains besides consume plenty of water, lime water, buttermilk, coconut water or rhododendron water to cleanse your body from within. Avoid strong smelling garlic or onion based foods. Green vegetables are a natural deodorizer and green salads will not only keep your skin fresh but clear it of impurities. Also drink camphor tea, for chronic problem of body odour this age old drink is worth trying.

Low skin pH value: Body odour causing bacteria cannot survive on the skin if the pH value of the skin is low. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil naturally help in lowering the pH value of the skin. You can soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and clean your underarms or sweaty areas with it instead of chemical laden perfumes or deodorants.

Essential oils for aromatherapy and massage.

Scented oils: You may add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, peppermint and pine to your bath water to reduce body odour. These oils not only make you smell fine they also aid in getting rid of the pungent odour from deep within. Besides lemon is an excellent remedy for killing bacteria that is lodged in your skin. All you have to do it rub half of a lemon on your underarms and allow the juice to remain on your skin, let it dry for some time and then rinse. Better still you can squeeze a lemon into a bucket-full of water and shower with it. Do this for a few days and bid good-bye to dour!

Natural Deodorants: You can make your own herb-based deodorants at home, most of the herbs are helpful in combating body odour. Beauty herbs like sage, rosemary, leaves of chrysanthemum, lovage, celery and parsley can be made into a tea which can then be used as a wash besides should be included in the diet frequently.
Odour Culprits: Smoking and alcohol result in bad mouth odour, also body odour as it builds up toxins in the body. 

Choose the right fabrics: Avoid synthetic fabrics in summer, instead opt for loose fit, airy silhouettes in that cotton breathe. Also wear cotton socks to prevent your feet from smelling.

Common Issues: Body Odour could also be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, tooth decay, Vitamin Deficiency, heavy physical activity, tobacco use, medical conditions like liver, kidney, fungal infections, diabetes, low BP etc.

Beauty Expert Shonelle recommends a few natural tips to remain odourless this season.

1. A mixture of baking soda and lemon is great for body odour, you can apply it on your underarms and feet to kill bacteria and odour. 

2. Take a few teaspoons of tomato juice to bathing water and soak yourself in it for some time. 

3. Apply peanut butter on your underarms before retiring to bed, every summer night.

4. Add white vinegar during bathing to a mug of water, rinse your armpits with it. 

5. Rose water, a natural deodorant can be stored in a spray bottle and used often or put a few drops in the bathtub. 

6. Turnip juice can be used on underarms for getting relieved of body odour.

7. You can rub potato slices on your underarms.

8. Mint leaves and neem leaves are great for odour, boil some leaves and add water to your bath.

9. Sandalwood powder is good for stink, add some powder to rose water and apply the paste on your underarms, let it dry and rinse.

10. Dust your odour-producing areas with baking soda or corn starch, it absorbs moisture and kills bacteria.

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