Apple working on iMessage fix


Apple is working on a fix for iMessage after researchers identified a flaw in its encryption system that meant hackers might be able to see your photos.

Students at John Hopkins University found the issue, which seems to affect those using older versions of Apple’s OS. Apple is unlikely to share too much information about the issue until it releases a fix.

An Apple spokesperson told The Washington Post that security is an important issue. “We appreciate the team of researchers that identified this bug and brought it to our attention so we could patch the vulnerability,” they said. “Security requires constant dedication and we’re grateful to have a community of developers and researchers who help us stay ahead.”

Researchers found that software that mimics Apple’s servers could be used to access iMessage on some phones.

Computer science professor Matthew D. Green originally identified the issue and tasked his students with exposing it after letting Apple know.

Apple is set to launch iOS 9.3 this evening, so you can either update to this software or wait for Apple’s fix to keep your iMessage safe.

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