Afghanistan — The Enlightenment Movement


July 23, 2016 — Kabul

A twin bombing at the Deh Mazang square in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, struck where protesters (mostly Shiite Hazara) were marching against the TUTAP mega power project.

ISIS had taken claim over the attack.

In a video by ISIS, they stated the attack was a signal for the Hazara to stop fighting with the Syrian government in the civil war.

TUTAP, its unofficial name, made the decision to reroute the project through Salang Pass which Hazara people thought would hurt their interests.

The Enlightenement Movement

They believe in “sustainable development for all”, is what it says on their website, and wish that the development of TUTAP is made with the consideration of all contributing nations and communities.

The Hazara people are the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They have been long been attacked by the Taliban and thousands have been killed for over 2 decades.

It is also noted the discrimination the Hazara people faced for years in Afghanistan.

This attack, however, is said to be the deadliest in Kabul since 2001.


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