Ancient Foods for Radiance


We are a few days away from Women’s day, have been prepping for woman’s day office party or a date night with your beau? Well, move over cosmetic preps, we have got you real ancient glow secrets to beautify you from within and transform your life! Finding true everlasting beauty can make your life simpler and less expensive! 
For centuries or since ancient times, people have been looking for a fountain of youth, a way to defy age and stay radiant forever. We look at a few ancient secrets, that our ancestors have vouched for looking beautiful ones without the chemical-laden cosmetics or toxic food.

1. Olive oil: The Greeks called it liquid gold, is an ideal beauty and healthy cooking ingredient since ages. The use of olive oil dates back to the Egyptians, think Cleopatra- Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans. This ancient beauty treasure has been claimed to be the secret ingredient to beautiful skin. A perfect moisturizer, penetrates deep down the skin and provides hydration besides is high on antioxidants like Vitamin A and E. So get into the habit of applying a thin layer of olive oil to your freshly washed face before bedtime & wake up to a radiant skin. Also include olives and olive oil in your diet!

2. Avocado: It not only is the good or healthy fat in your diet, it also doubles as a great moisturizer that people swore by in ancient times. With antioxidant properties, apply it on your skin for an age-defying complexion.

3. Rose Water: Persians call it the epitome of beauty, apply freshly home-made rose water for enviable glow.

4. Holy Basil: An ancient herb which helps in giving you a natural glow. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, a good reason to add it to your diet and apply its paste as a mask on to your skin. A miracle awaits you, we promise!

5. Saffron: The dainty strands of beauty is almost life-changing, dates back to Cleopatra’s time. Make a face pack by adding in raw milk or coconut oil. Also add it to your diet, helps balance your hormones, boosts metabolism, a natural sunscreen, beautifies you from inside so watch yourself get gorgeously flawless.

6. Sea salt: Geishas are known for their flawless skin, their secret is the sea salt! Massage it onto your face with your favourite oil. This delicious mixture will give you a firm and smooth complexion. Sprinkle it onto your food too!

7. Raw honey: Ancient Greek women relied on raw honey for goddess-like skin. With antimicrobial, antibacterial properties works to give you smooth skin. Include it in your drinks, sugar replacement and voila loose weight, say hello to healthy looking skin. Need we add more?

Raksha Lulla, Nutrition & Weight Management expert says, ‘The current day “Vintage” isn’t really good enough to take us back to our roots completely. We stop at interiors and decor, fabrics and fashion for this word. Ever realized how beautifully this word fits in when YOU want to fit in – whether its those skinny jeans or the skin that competes that of the photoshopped girl on the cover of Vogue? Let’s begin, 3 foods from the generation of our elders that will make you glow, hair look fuller and lustrous and make you look toned and bloat-free.

Olives are very high in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

A) Sugarcane juice is topping the charts: I might as well call it the elixir that comes from heaven for all the women! Freshly squeezed glass of Sugarcane juice is your answer to the most delicious mid meal, rehydration after a night of drinking till you were sloshed, restoring the suppleness and hydrated fresh look after a long tiring week! This ensures that your digestion is working at peak efficiency. And we all know from our science classes, digestion well done, is nearly all problems shunned. A tummy that’s not constipated or bloated is the way to a clear mind, confident speech, good mood and a waistline that fits in your favorite jeans just perfectly.

The Glycolic Acid at your dermatologist’s clinic are nothing but the AHAs from Sugarcane juice. It’s your sure shot way to get rid of travel tan, immature freckles and potential wrinkles. What’s a date if it ain’t fresh, blemish-free and “look into my eyes” worthy? It is multi mineral and antioxidant rich, with all it’s therapeutic powers poured in one glass, it is your endocrinologist – rectifying and improving your hormonal balance.

B) Ghee & Glee: A good mouth is one of the pre-requisites for a date no? Take a finger, slip it in a pot of homemade ghee and apply it to your teeth and gums. Your worries of bad breath and bleeding gums will slip through even before you know it. Ghee in your meals is not only your highway to fat burning, but it also makes sure you are shining in glory. No more dark circle woes, dull skin and dry hair, when Ghee is on your eating affair!

Warm ghee rubbed on the soles of your feet before sleeping, will ensure you have a good night’s sleep, balanced hormones and wake up feeling like a disney princess – free of bloating, fresh & all set to charm the world.

C) Aliv: Also known as Haleem seeds, these are beautiful reddish brown seeds that swell up after being soaked overnight. Add this to your cup of cow milk or make a ball out of it and gobble it down as a mid meal. The beauty of these is hidden in the ocean of micronutrients it contains. From Iron to essential amino acids, Vitamins A & E; this is a beautiful ancient food that helps recover the hormonal imbalances and recovers the density and sheen in hair.

Skin only gets patch-free and complexion becomes lighter as well. A bright, even tone of your skin is the beauty of these littlest seeds!

Great strength and improved digestion are always good news for how your body looks when it’s de-stressed & strong! They also act as Aphrodisiacs. Another strong reason to prep for the D day!

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