And The Oscar For The Best Act Goes To Her Majesty The Queen!

The Queen Meets The Bear

Platinum Jubilee Party At The Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Party on Saturday at the Palace attended by over 22,000 guest and over 100,000 gathered at The Mall watching with great excitement. Invited guests attended from all around the world and and over 22,000 guests including the armed forces, thousands of key workers and hundreds of charities selected from a public ballot tickets.

The celebrations kicked off with a fantastic comedy film of the The Queen having tea with the Paddington bear. This hilarious short comedy saw the clumsy Paddington Bear drinking the tea directly from the teapot leaving nothing for the Queen. It was well done, classy and definitely one of the best fun bits from the Queen.

Seeing there is nothing left in the teapot for the Queen, the Bear then offered her a marmalade sandwich not knowing The Queen came prepared with her own emergency sandwich. Now the world knows one the contents of Her Majesty’s handbag.

The Queen Meets The Bear

This rather fun clip was now followed by the spectacular opening by Queen & Adam Lambert eye watering performance.It was glitter, superb choreography and ecstatic crowd.

Here is this fabulous clip below:

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