Antarctic boat missing in storm


A sail boat with two Norwegians and one British national on board has gone missing off Antarctica

Rescuers say a Norwegian sailing boat with three people on board, including one Briton, has gone missing in a storm off Antarctica.

Oeyvind Aadde of the Norwegian Maritime Rescue Service says there were two Norwegians and one British national on the Berserk, which signalled an emergency earlier this week.

He said two other crew members who had gone ashore on an expedition to reach the South Pole had called the rescue service, saying they had lost contact with the boat.

Rescuers in New Zealand say the vessel sent out a distress signal on Tuesday when it was about 20 miles north of the Scott Base research facility in Antarctica.

They say they searched an area of 1,500 square miles after the storm calmed down on Thursday but did not find the boat.

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