Apple, Google and Amazon are the three most valuable global brands in a top 100 list that includes brand names like Jaguar Land Rover, Mini and Burberry.

Spotify and Subaru have made the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands (BGB) list for the first time at 92 and 100 respectively, while Chanel re-enters at 23, Hennessy is back at 98 and Nintendo returned at 99.

Interbrand calculates brand value by assessing its influence in driving customer choice, its strength in relation to the competition and its current and forecast financial performance. Facebook’s brand value has declined 6%, according to the list, which places it in ninth position.

Interbrand London chief executive Christian Purser said: “Leading brands are more customer obsessed than ever, bringing the voice of the customer into every aspect of their business, making bold moves and taking calculated risks based on customer understanding.

“The fastest growing brands across the last five years of the study are typically the most relevant to people’s lives and the most responsive to their changing needs.”

Apple and Google hold the top positions for the sixth consecutive year, with Apple’s brand value growing by 16% to 214,480 million US dollars, while Google’s brand value increased by 10% to 155,506 million US dollars.

Amazon achieved 56% growth and is the third brand to achieve a 100 billion dollar brand valuation.
Interbrand said there were “many great” British brands that did not yet qualify for the BGB table, because they were not sufficiently global or did not publish their financial performance.