The BBC has announced a new chat show – with “Vladimir Putin” as host.

Tonight With Vladimir Putin will see “a 3D digital cartoon” of the Russian president “walk around and sit behind the desk, interviewing real human guests in front of a studio audience, all in real-time”.

Two pilots have been commissioned for the “television first” for BBC Two.

The chat show host

Guests will include Alastair Campbell, June Sarpong and Joe Swash.

The BBC called the pilot a “semi-scripted comedy chat-show format – with a significant twist”.

“Everybody’s favourite bear-wrestling global strongman Vladimir Putin has finally achieved his ultimate goal – a chat-show on the BBC,” the broadcaster said.

“Forget global politics, landing two pilot episodes on BBC Two of his soon to be world-famous chat show marks the ultimate victory for Vlad, leader of the free world.

Joe Swash on the show

“In one episode, June Sarpong discusses her career highs and lows… after which Vlad forces her to play a game of Diversity Challenge,” a concept he struggles to understand.

Last year, Russia’s media watchdog launched an investigation into the BBC’s websites and World News channel over alleged violations of Russian law.

The move came the day after UK regulator Ofcom warned it was considering sanctions against the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT for breaching impartiality rules.

The 12-minute pilot shows are expected to air next month.


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