BBC’s Prince Philip Coverage Complaints reaches a record high.

Prince Philip

Sadly the passing away of Prince Philip, Duke Edinburgh on the 9th of April led to the BBC cancelling all it’s scheduled programmes for a few days infuriating the British public. Over 100,000 complaints were received on this wall to wall coverage of the life of Prince Philip complaining about repetitive coverage of his death.

Over 100,000 complaints were received over Prince Philip coverage

Thousands of people feel the BBC organisation are out of touch and failed to measure the mood of the public. It is understandable that watching the same programmes back to back when you are stuck in a lockdown and nowhere to go besides the odd exercise routine and short supermarket trips can cause anxiety and stress.

What was particularly strange about the programming was the showing of the exact coverage in BBC One and BBC Two, and why all the programmes on BBC Four were cancelled. It was hard to understand why BBC Radio 4 & Extra had the same coverage all weekend too. Thousands complaints because they could not take it anymore and all their favourite shows where indeed cancelled.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Unfortunately the BBC failed to gauge the mood of the country where many sadly have lost loved ones, friends and family. Also several thousands have lost their livelihoods, businesses, homes with mental health problems at a record high. The last thing you want to see in a lockdown is a rerun of the sam programmes back to back.

Let’s hope the BBC as an organisation learnt from this and start listening more to their license paying public.

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