Belly Goodness!


It’s all fun and games in your thirties,  you’ve just turned thirty and you’re drinking beer, eating what you like, living the high life, and then one day it strikes. Somewhere in your mid-life you look down and suddenly realise a pot belly. You may get a gym membership or walk the extra mile, however aiming to remove the beer gut by just being on the treadmill, think again! If long after your gym routine, still the belly sits there, staring back up at you as a reminder of your over-indulgence. It is time to try some super fat burning foods and it’ll be dropping off you like you won’t believe. Here are the top foods for you to shed the belly fat this year end.


Good old nuts, a perfect source of protein, they’ll keep you feeling full, and you can snack away on them until you feel satisfied. Try to steer clear of highly salted variations and the ones you get in the party places that tend to have a crispy chilli-flavoured coating wrapped around them, they aren’t your best bet. Instead opt for plain unsalted almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts, chestnuts or pistachios.

Super Seeds or Dried Super berries:

Embrace flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, sesame, chia seeds and dried unsweetened cranberries, gojji berries to your daily diet. They are antioxidants, keep you full for long besides packed with wholesome goodness.


It might seem doubtful that things like milk and cheese would be good foods for burning fat, but they are the high levels of calcium in dairy products that can help to break down body fat and stimulate weight loss. It’s crammed with protein, zinc and B vitamins, and calcium will definitely keep any bone issues at bay. So rejoice! How about a stick of cheese washed down with a pint of milk?

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter contains a brilliant amalgamation of fibre and protein that will keep you feeling fuller for longer so that you will eat less overall. Go moderate on this, ideally you shouldn’t go beyond two tablespoons a day.

peanut butter


The simple egg is the epitome of weight loss foods, it’s blessed with protein and healthy fats, and it will keep you feeling full up on small amount of calories. If you begin your day off with a couple of eggs or egg whites rather than a bread or bagel, you’ll end up eating less throughout the day.

Lean Red Meat:

A steak lover, are you? Lean red meats are very high in protein and increasing the amount of protein in your daily diet can cut tremendous food cravings.  Besides, having a protein rich diet can actually burn a lot more calories in a day.

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