Charlie Puth reveals he is writing a song with a big British star

Charlie Puth website image

Charlie Puth has revealed that he is working on a song with Sir Elton John.

The American singer, 28, appeared on Capital Breakfast where he debuted a track called Sick from his upcoming album, which he is writing in self-isolation.

The musician also hinted that he had been working with another “massive” artist, after they texted him “out of the blue”.

However, Puth refused to reveal the potential collaborator’s identity.

He told host Roman Kemp: “It’s always crazy when like a massive, massive artist – it wouldn’t be fair for me to say – but just think of a really, really, really massive artist, and just out of the blue just texts me and wants to like work on something.

“Because we all have nothing but time, and it kind of brings about a lot of collaborations you wouldn’t ever expect to happen. So I get this text message and it’s like the biggest artist ever.

“I can’t say who he is, but I will say, I’m writing a record before Elton John goes back to England, we’re going to try and get something done, so that’s something, he’s also something insanely massive. That should’ve just been my answer.”

Puth is best known for his collaboration with Wiz Khalifa on See You Again.

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