Burritos aren’t exactly known for being the healthiest of meals, as delicious as they are. So, imagine your delight if you could have a burrito with all the trimmings for 300 calories – what a guiltless treat that would be!

This is what LA burrito fans David Desmond, Edward Gurevich and Young Hoon Kim thought when they ordered Chipotle’s new chorizo offering. On the board in Chipotle it looks like it comes in at a totally decent 300 calories – but now they’re suing, claiming this just isn’t the case.

Let’s have a look at Chipotle’s very own calorie counter and build our own burrito to see the nutritional value.

If we tot up a flour tortilla (300 calories), chorizo (300 calories), white rice (210 calories), black beans (120 calories) salsa (25 calories) and cheese (100 calories) it comes in at a whopping 1,055 calories. Yikes – that’s pretty far off the 300 on the board and is ignoring all the fun additions like guacamole, sour cream or fajita vegetables.

After eating the chorizo burrito, Desmond “felt excessively full and realised that the burrito couldn’t have been just 300 calories,” according to My News LA. This was a feeling shared by the two other complainants at separate branches of Chipotle.

Now, Desmond, Gurevich and Kim are bringing a class action lawsuit against Chipotle, seeking unspecified damages and an injunction meaning that the company can’t put out allegedly misleading nutritional information about its products.

The suit complains that “consumers are lulled into a false belief that the items they are eating are healthier than they really are”.

When asked for comment, a Chipotle spokesman said that they don’t comment on pending legal action but noted that the lawsuit is an allegation, and not proof of anything. “We work very hard to maintain transparency in terms of what is in our food, and that includes our practices for disclosure of nutrition information,” he said.


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