David Blaine's magical baby ride


lIlusionist David Blaine had to flag down a snow plough

David Blaine and his pregnant fiancee had to hitch a ride to the hospital on a snow plough after she went into labour in the middle of a blizzard.

French model Alizee Guinochet, 24, gave birth to the couple’s first child, a healthy baby girl, in New York last week, when the city was crippled by 19 inches of snow.

When Alizee went into labour, the New York Post reports magician David, 37, rushed out of their apartment in the village but failed to make a taxi appear.

A source said: “The doorman and people on the street tried to help him flag down a taxi. But there were absolutely no cars on the road.”

David then reportedly tried calling several car services, but couldn’t get any to come out in the storm, despite begging them and saying his baby was on the way.

When a snow plough passed by David flagged it down and the driver took pity on the couple and gave them a ride to hospital.

A representative for the illusionist confirmed they had hitched to hospital on a snow plough and said: “Mom and baby are doing fine.”

The couple are keeping their daughter’s name under wraps for now.

David and Alizee got engaged in 2009 after dating for less than a year and are yet to announce a wedding date.

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