Donald Trump tweets that ‘any negative polls are fake news’

US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump has tweeted again.
And once more, it’s about “fake news”.

He has now tweeted the phrase seven times since he became president just three and a half weeks ago.
He dismissed the polls suggesting he is the most unpopular president ever and continued to defend his Muslim travel ban, which has been overturned for now by US judges.

He went on to mention fake news again in a second tweet a few minutes later.

It’s the sixth time he’s mentioned it in all caps.
Was that a bit of word play there?
The tweet was presumably referring to various reports that his chief strategist Steve Bannon is the one really calling the shots in the White House.

Others thought the tweets were pretty bleak.

Do all these mentions of fake news mean the phrase is finally meaningless?

And what exactly is this ominous sounding “accumulation of data”?

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