Dozens of migrants arrive in Dover amid calm conditions in Channel


Migrants travelling aboard several dinghies have taken advantage of sunshine and calm seas in fresh bids to cross the English Channel.
Dozens of people wrapped in blankets and wearing lifejackets were seen being brought into the port of Dover in the UK, on Friday.

After a lull in people attempting the dangerous crossing over the last few days, crossings resumed in large numbers amid low winds.
It is reported that more dinghies believed to be carrying migrants remain in the Channel and are being monitored by the Coastguard.

A group of people, including a child, thought to be migrants are brought into Dover, Kent

The latest arrivals come despite the UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel vowing to make the route “unviable”, and the continued row between the Home Office and the legal profession on how to tackle the crossings.
French patrol forces are also active across the water border.

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