Drake brought out ‘the greatest rapper’ Eminem at his Detroit concert

There had been rumours of a 'diss' track being dropped by Eminem with Drake included.

Eminem made a surprise appearance at Drake’s Detroit concert on Tuesday to the delight of the crowd.

He needed little introduction in his hometown, but Drake chose to bow down (literally) and pay tribute anyway.

“Detroit, make some noise for the greatest ever rapper that ever get on a motherf****** microphone,” Drake told the crowd.

And boy, did they make some noise.

Eminem made a brief appearance to perform track Forever, his collaboration with Drake from 2007 that also featured Kanye Wets and Lil’ Wayne.

Fan @OJTheKing, who was at the concert at the Joe Louis Arena as part of Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour, said the two hugged before Eminem left the stage.

It puts an end to weeks of rumours of bad blood between the two.

Drake and Joe Budden, Eminem’s Slaughterhouse bandmate and part of his Shady Records label, got into some heavy hip-hop beef when Joe said he was disappointed by Drake’s latest album Views.

Earlier this month, rumours began to fly that Em was planning a diss track about Drake to get back at him about snarky comments he’d then made about Joe.

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