EastEnders’ Ronnie ‘to be killed by own wedding dress’

Samantha Womack

According to The Sun, the tragedy is set to happen on Ronnie’s wedding day, which will end in a double death when both sisters drown at the venue.

Ronnie, played by Samantha, is remarrying former husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), but at the reception, it’s said that Roxy (Rita) will get jealous as she used to be in a relationship with Jack too, and will drown in the swimming pool after having too much to drink.

The bride will be the one to find her, but when she jumps in after her sister, will find herself weighed down by her own billowing wedding dress before drowning in the pool, too.

An EastEnders source told The Sun: “It’s a slightly ridiculous way to go. It must be the first time in soap history anyone has been killed by an item of their clothing.

“Ronnie has been through some grim storylines in her time in Walford, it’s only fitting that she goes in a similar fashion. The scenes are going to be hard to watch.”

She’s had a tough time in Walford since arriving in 2007, with heartbreak including miscarrying after being pushed into the Queen Vic bar by dad Archie, who had abused her as a child; losing her baby with Jack to sudden infant death syndrome, then snatching Kat Slater’s baby as a replacement and being jailed for two years; and watching her long-lost daughter, who she had believed died in infancy, run over and killed in the Square just after finding out who she was.

Samantha and Rita have been spotted on location filming the scenes, with Samantha in a wedding gown and Rita wearing what looks like a bridesmaid’s dress.

Rita tweeted her emotion at what may have been the filming day for her exit from the BBC One soap.

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