Election 2016: Hillary did not win the women over?

US Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton

It is finally over and the decision has been made that (Republican) Donald J. Trump is elected as the 45th president of the United States. The question that many had come to their mind was, How?

The final polls that were release online were very much in favor of (Democrat) Hillary Clinton winning the vote did not equal the result, and it seems that Ms Clinton was not able to muster up the key voting groups she needed. Just viewing the exit poll data and comparing it to that of Obama’s in 2012 can show this.

Hillary did not win the women over.


Women, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Muslims were the voting groups that the Clinton campaign were hoping to steal from Trump and gain a clear advantage. For the most part it had worked, but the data compared to the election of 2012 showed that less women voted for the democratic nominee. Around 55% of women voted for Obama instead of 44% for Romney, and compared to the 54% that voted for Clinton she did not achieve the level of popularity among women that she had hoped for, especially with ideals of becoming first madam president.

When referring to the exit polls, FiveThrityEight reported, “College-educated white women voted for Clinton 51 pe rcent to 45 per cent, but non-college-educated white women voted for Trump 62 per cent to 34 per cent.”

This does not mean that “uneducated” women are necessarily the ones who voted for Trump. However, it does show that Clinton did not have enough clout among a large percentage of female american voters

The young voters did not rally for Clinton

Exit polls showed that the young voters under age 30 did not come out in such large numbers as they did for Obama in 2012

Of those voters aged under 30 years of age, only 55 per cent backed Clinton compared to Obama’s 60 per cent in 2012.

The over-65 vote, which did have a major impact in the result for Florida, was not in Hillary’s favor. Many believed the performance of President Obama just was not enough to sway them to vote for a president, who is also backed by Obama. Nearly four in 10 Florida voters said they were most interested in electing a president who would bring serious change, and that alone is where Trump triumphed.

Just as many disapproved of Mr. Obama’s job performance, and three-quarters thought the president’s health care law went too far.


Many are still coming to grips of a reality that is a Trump presidency, but now is the time to bring together both sides of the race. To unify these sides will be a task that Donald Trump will need to overcome, however it will not limit decisions made in government. With both the Senate and the House in majority with Republicans it appears the same tune will be played in government.

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