Elton John pledges $1m for Australian wildfires response


Elton John has pledged one million dollars of support to help with the response to the deadly Australian wildfires crisis.

The singer made the announcement while on stage in Sydney, telling the audience they should be “in awe of the work that the firefighters are doing”.

He added: “This is a magnificent country that I’ve been coming to since 1971.

“I love it here so much. To see what is happening here breaks my heart and so we have to come together and we have to fight, and this is my bit towards it.

“I love Australia so much and to those that have lost their homes, God bless, I hope that your lives will be repaired very soon.”

Animals have had their habitats destroyed “on a biblical scale”, he told the audience at the Qudos Bank Arena.

He said: “Therefore tonight I will be pledging one million dollars to support the bushfire relief fund.”

His announcement was met with huge cheers from the crowd.

Sir Elton did not say whether his donation was in Australian or US dollars, which would be worth around £524,000 and £762,000 respectively.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has urged others to help contribute towards the response to the fire

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has also pledged one million dollars towards the relief fund.

He told his 39 million followers on Instagram: “Like you, I want to support the fight against the bushfires here in Australia.

“My family and I are contributing a million dollars. Hopefully you guys can chip in too.

“Every penny counts so whatever you can muster up is greatly appreciated.”

Fellow Australian Kylie Minogue has also pledged 500,000 dollars to help with the response to the fire.

She posted on Instagram: “Last year I had the incredible opportunity of visiting some of the many beautiful places in my homeland for the first time.

“Returning home to such devastation throughout much of the country is heartbreaking.”

Actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge revealed at the Golden Globes that she would be auctioning off the suit she wore to the award ceremony and donating the proceeds towards the response to the fires.

Singer Pink has also donated half a million dollars to the cause.

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