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Embattled PM Boris Johnson Faces A Vote of No Confidence

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Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench of the Conservative party has confirmed that he has received the 54 letters from the Tory MPs enough to trigger a ‘vote of no confidence’ in Boris Johnson’s leadership.

There is anger across the party on many issues and there has been several attempts to oust him from office but they just never get 54 MPs to support this vote of no confidence.

This vote is meant to take place in secret on Monday, the 6th of June between 6pm to 8pm. The vote will be counted immediately and the result announced later on today.

Boris Johnson came into power in July 2019 winning by an 80 seat majority, which was made possible by the Brexit supporting MPs.

There are rumours that Jeremy Hunt might be giving the leadership contest ago after the last failed attempt but the Conservative membership might struggle to vote for him this time because of his a ‘Remain’ stance and his possibly harsh lockdown views. Liz Truss is rumoured to be vying for the leadership as well as Penny Mordaunt MP.

Will Jeremy Hunt try another leadership bid?

Old timers like Michael Gove hardly stand a chance with his public image and unfortunately the previous darling Rishi Sunak is now hugely despised in the country due to his family tax affairs.

The general mood in the country is not a happy one regardless of whichever party is in office. There is a huge amount poverty on the rise with the situation made worse because the energy and food prices on the high.

The average British person thinks more of how to put food on the table and sadly many are now having to result to food banks. Many believe the government have their priorities wrong and tackling this living cost crisis is what the country needs resolved presently.

Will Boris Johnson make it this time? Will his Brexit mandate save him this time or will this vote of no confidence trigger a general election?

It has been a nightmare for him during this Platinum Jubilee weekend, as he was booed when he and wife Carrie arrived at the Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving service on Friday. If he survives this vote he will need to reach out more to the British public needs with a priority of dealing with the cost of living crisis.

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