Emmanuel Macron, French Media, Cherie – French Drama Continues.

Emmanuel Macron, French Media, Cherie – French Drama Continues.


By Deborah Thomas
By Deborah Thomas

This French election has been full of nothing but drama and now there is a new kid on the block, the former French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry in the name of Emmanuel Macron.

The French media are so excited and believe they now have the candidate that finally stop the Marine Le Penn movement!

Stylish, young, good-looking not wildly popular until these past 12 months but seriously loved by the French media. Having stepped down from the Socialist Party membership and declared independent, his campaign rhetoric is based on a democratic revolution.

The French presidential candidates are besieged with all kinds of allegations from mis-appropriations of campaign funds, candidates relatives receiving payments for jobs not done to accusations of one presidential candidate hijacking another’s and polling issues.

While the drama carries on, France remains high on terror alert after a series of devastating terrorist attacks around the country that has claimed hundreds of lives. France is besieged with many problems and the French people are desperately looking for a leader that can make changes to their lives and reduce the very many social unrest and protests in the country.

French President Francois Hollande

With the current President Hollande polling as the most unpopular President in France since the first president was elected in 1848, the political climate has become a rather toxic one.

This 4% polling result has led to him declaring his exit from mainline politics. One will expect his predecessor Nicolas Sakorzy to have learnt his lesson from trying to resurrect his presidential bid but then got knocked down with legal battles on allegations of fraud.

There has been protests after protests in France for all kinds of social issues, strikes, refugees crisis, police brutality, with the latest violent protests against the police in Paris. The situation due to a rape claim of a 22-year-old black boy by the Police has now escalated into violent attacks spread around Paris.

Now more than ever does France needs a new leader that can unite the country’s divide and ready to listen to the people. I remember taking so many strolls on the streets of Paris just simply enjoying the tranquility and beauty of Paris. The fear and continuous terror news and wild protests is certainly not an invitation to holiday in Paris. Quite a lot is hinging on the next election and who knows what the outcome may be. Polls are no longer to be trusted especially after the American elections where every media outlet got it 100% wrong. The media frenzy on their favourite candidate again might be fallacy be wrong again. It might just be a fallacy.

Let’s take a look at each of the current election trail:

1. François Fillon:

Francoise Fillon

This 62-year-old politician has been in holding serious public office for over 20 years. It should be safe to assume that Fillon having served in a quite a few ministerial positions, he should be a great presidential candidate that should be able to good of the office? Unfortunately, he is plagued with accusations of paying his wife €500,000 over a period of 8 years for a fictitious employment.

Unfortunately, this scandal has overshadowed any good campaign rhetoric and his polls has since plunged. He has come back fighting stating that he will be pressing regardless. I guess the people will have to decide on this.

2. Marine Le Pen:

Le Pen stems from a family of politicians and has been in politics for the past 3 decades. At 48 years of age, she is no stranger to controversy and faces fierce media attacks on a regular basis due to her family affiliation. Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, president of the Front National party for nearly forty years was also plagued with many accusations from xenophobia, inciting hatred to anti-Semitic.

Marine Le Pen struggled for several years dissociating herself from her father’s reputation and now it seems to be paying off. The collapse of the French government’s stance on immigration and the constant terror attacks in France only just pushed Le Pen into the limelight.

She has seen a surge in support from the frustrated French people who want more jobs, excessive immigration controlled and no terrorism. The French people are so fed up that Le Pen’s latest campaign rhetoric ‘France First’ resonates to them.

This nationalist movement led to President Trump’s victory in the 2016 American election. The Trump victory has woken up the media and they are quaking in their boots especially after the failed polls that predicted a Hillary Clinton win. Le Pen’s rise has seen a massive positive push for Emmanuel Macron to the point that his ideas are beginning to sound like Le Pen’s rhetoric. This French election is now beginning to look like a final battle between Le Pen.

3. Emmanuel Macron:

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is trending currently in France as the favourite to win, headline after headline depicts him as the likely winner of the yet to come elections. At 39 years of age, the youngest in the line up and also the one with the least political experience seems to have the entire media on his side.

The former investment banker for Rothschild Ltd is saying the right punch lines with charisma and making bold statements bold statements on Europe and climate change. President Trumps stance on climate change and his threat regarding pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change has led to him inviting climate scientists in America saying to them,” Please move to my country”.

Macron served as Minister in Hollande’s cabinet for only 2 years only to resign in August 2016 to start his presidencial bid. His inexperience in politics might be a setback especially with the complex situation in France. He has been loyal to President Hollande but still distances himself from his failing administration.

He is walking the walk, talking the talk but also saying similar ideas as Le Pen. Polls might be deceiving again so betting on Macron so soon could be wrong. In this very complicated, fast-moving politics of today, another scandal might just pop out of the pandora box that can knit her seismic move!

The French Presidential elections definitely one to watch. Enjoy the show!

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