Enrique Iglesias arrested for trying to dupe the highway patrol

Enrique Inglesias

Enrique Iglesias has been arrested for driving with a suspended license in Florida.

The Hero singer made things worse for himself by trying to switch seats with his passenger after being pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) in Miami-Dade County in May, E! News reported.

According to the arrest affidavit, Enrique was driving a white Cadillac SUV in a closed express lane, so a trooper approached the vehicle with lights and sirens on.

The SUV pulled over onto the hard-shoulder where the singer “jumped from inside the driver’s seat onto the rear passenger’s seat,” while his male passenger “jumped from the front passenger’s seat onto the driver’s seat.”

Both men were placed in handcuffs and Enrique was charged with obstruction without violence and driving with a suspended license. His passenger was also charged with obstruction without violence.

Both men were released after signing notices to appear in court. They entered not guilty pleas and Enrique’s court date was set for July 10.

Enrique Inglesias

The singer recently underwent surgery on his hand after slicing his fingers in the blades of a drone while performing on stage.

Enrique has a drone filming parts of his Sex And Love world tour and sometimes tries to catch hold of the flying camera mid-performance, but the stunt went wrong at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico, when his fingers got caught in the rotating blades.

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