EU Adds Booster Jabs For Summer 2022 Travel

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The European Union Commission has proposed booster jabs for Summer 2022 on Thursday as cases begin to soar in different countries within the union. This new rule means that residents will need show that have had a Covid-19 booster jabs to travel from and to another country within the bloc.

The booster jabs are currently being rolled out across Europe as restrictions are now being implemented due to the record breaking surge in cases in a few countries as the winter approaches. This proposal puts Europe in a spotlight again especially after having a successful vaccination campaign in several countries in EU.

This proposal is currently a recommendation and will need to be approved by the 27 EU government after a debate and upon approval should take effect from January 10, 2022. The Commission accepting immunity wanes over time, it’s proposing that people should be considered covered if the last two doses was within the last nine months.

The debate on the topic kicked off on Tuesday with Greece proposing that people in future should be allowed to travel freely if they have received a dose in the past 6 months. Most EU residents would have been received their second doses by the third quarter of this year so their coverage would last until the middle of next year.

EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said that the current vaccination coverage was 65% of the EU population.

“For everyone to travel and live as safely as possible, we need to reach significantly higher vaccination rates – urgently. We also need to reinforce our immunity with booster vaccines,” she said.

The Commission did say there were no studies yet expressly addressing the effectiveness of booster shots on transmission of COVID-19, but said it was likely that they provided longer protection than provided by initial shots.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on Wednesday here recommended vaccine boosters for all adults, with priority for those over 40.

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