EU Referendum Digest – A Brexit Landslide or Remain Victory?

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By Deborah Thomas
Deb Cropped

Overall Campaign Tactics:

It was rather refreshing to see more women on the TV debates but sadly we have seen a few of the women particularly aggressive and left the British public rather disappointed. We all remember the vicious ITV debate with Boris Johnson versus Amber Rudd, Nicola Sturgeon and Angela Eagle. The women were so angry and attacked Boris verbally at every opportunity and it was such a sorry sight. While on the other hand, the women on the Leave side, Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart conducted themselves with a lot dignity and grace. Although the Leave side are not without their faults but the Remain side specialised in scare mongering, slurs, verbal attacks and accusations from all directions.

Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle, Amber Rudd (ITV)
Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle, Amber Rudd (ITV)

The Great Debate:

The grand finale of the debates on Tuesday at the Wembley arena was historical. Thankfully, the British public got a better delivery of all the points on both sides and it was a more civilised and less aggressive debate. The momentum was started by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan from the Remain side and Gisela Stuart from the Leave side but within the first half an hour it got heated up on the question for small businesses and the two sides took up the debate to a higher tone. The Remain side over hatched the term ‘Listening to Experts’ whilst the Leave side homed in on taking back control from Brussels and run our government with our laws.

The Leave side stated facts about big companies with factories being given EU grants to move out their factories from the UK to countries abroad, hence losing those jobs from the UK. Boris Johnson says the EU is a job destruction machine. Ruth Davidson, from the Remain side ramped up the tone of the debate and dropped names like President Obama, stating that he said that if we leave the EU, Britain will be at the back of the queue when it’s time for deal making.
The general consensus was that Boris Johnson was the star of the debate and the Leave camp gave clear and concise answers to most questions.


This EU referendum campaign has been the most engaging we have ever witnessed by all accounts in this country. The euphoria and the excitement have been rather intoxicating by British standards. What makes this referendum stand out is the interest and involvement of so many experts, global leaders, world leaders and the major leaders of the EU that the British public do not know. Perhaps this has been one of the failures of the Remain side. There is a general feel that the majority of the general British public are offended by all the experts predicting doom and gloom if we leave. Unfortunately, our PM, David Cameron did himself no favours by scaring the population with strong statements like there will be ‘world war III’ if we leave the EU. The chancellor George Osborne did his fair share of the scare mongering that there will be massive cuts, job losses, tax hikes and even he said that the cuts can start from the next day, should there be a Brexit.

Britain has talented, intelligent and articulate experts and using so many experts from international organisations makes the population feel they are being undermined and classed as ‘Thick’. Britain has a lot history of greatness and heritage and being out of the EU will not bring us down or ruin us. The leave side displayed a lot of passion for taking control and sovereignty of our country as opposed being ruled by leaders that have no stake or passion in our country. They are saying the money spent on the EU will be better served on our health services which is in a dire state presently.

The Remain side are focusing more on the overall economy and our place on the table in the EU Club for prestige and world security matters. They are saying that Britain will be at the back of the queue when making big trade deals and world security matters. While the Leave side has not dismissed the economy, they are more focused to taking back control and our sovereignty. They argue that over 60% of our laws come from the EU and it is expanding. They are saying the immigration levels are unsustainable and damaging small businesses and wages. We have to remember that small businesses are a major part of the lifeline of the British economy and majority of small businesses are feeling the pinch.

Negatives & Positives:

This scene was copied from the famous 'Wrecking Ball' music video by Miley Cyrus.
This scene was copied from the famous ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video by Miley Cyrus.

We have had it all during this rather interesting EU campaign. There has been the rather distasteful advert depicting Boris Johnson from the Leave side naked on a wrecking ball similar to the pop star Mylie Cyrus music video titled the wrecking ball. The reaction to this was unwelcoming as many thought the idea of bringing in pornography into this EU referendum was completely disgraceful. We also had the controversial refugee Poster, ‘Breaking Point’ with Nigel Farage in front of a massive line of refugee men has enraged the Remain side and branded as racist and insensitive. Not to forget the George Osborne pension advert which stated pensioners will be short £32,000 from the pensions and has a picture of the empty purse that looks frightening to the ordinary eye. Sadly this pension advert turns out to be untrue since pensions are on the state triple lock and guaranteed by the Conservative government.

Andrew Neil hosted Chancellor George Osborne earlier in June, 2016.
Andrew Neil hosted Chancellor George Osborne earlier in June, 2016.

Bottom Line:

After all the slurs, verbal attacks, terrible posters, name calling, the word on street is all about immigration control, ability to earn to make a decent living, the NHS, schools and homes. The live debate on Tuesday the 21st of June was an awakening and has drawn a wave towards Brexit.

Remember the final decision is yours and on Friday without a doubt our country will be waking up to a new era with more of the population now very interested in making Britain greater. Whatever the result, our political climate will never be the same again.


  1. Amber Rudd was a disgrace and all she did was shout and had no points at all. Let’s be honest, she did more harm to the Remain camp than good. I just hate it when they have these very aggressive women representing us. Nicola Sturgeon came to the debate only to throw insults at Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. She was happy to break Scotland away from UK but will prefer to ruled by the EU. Angel Eagle looked as if she was reading or receiving information from someone on her tablet device. They were totally horrible women and they lost a lot votes after that ITV debate. The country will be free tomorrow and as Boris said it, it will be our INDEPENDENCE DAY.

  2. That ITV debate was a train wreck for the Remain people because those wicked looking women ruined it.

  3. Majority of the British people want our country and we will be fine. we are Great Britain. People please go out in masses to vote a Brexit

  4. Those horrific women were like 3 witches and I am glad that it has worked out well for the Brexit vote.The remain camp did a good job at the BBC debate and that pretty much made up my mind.

  5. David Cameron has let the country down and he and his mates are selling us out everyday to his mates.

  6. Already, many of my club members are voting Brexit this morning. Dave is definitely out after this.

  7. Every poll in different parts of the country and all social media no matter how small is showing a Brexit win of an average of 70 to 30. The remain group look like they are chipped and it is so strange why any normal Brit will like to be governed by another set of dangerous men that are not Brits, do not care for Brits and all un-elected. After the great British empire, is this what we have become? I am voting out. What is clear is that Dodgy dave has other masters and he puts them first.

  8. Boris has really shown the country that he his a PATRIOT, unlike Cameron that has sold his country to Germany for pennies. Boris made an a phenomenal closing statement that got a standing ovation and endless applause. Did you see that in the news? Absolutely not. There will be a Brexit landslide and rigging can change this. If this gets rigged, Dave should be investigated and his last election results should investigated.

  9. It’s looking close because it has been pouring down in our area a lot and I am not sure if there will be an extension tonight.

  10. I cannot seen to find any one voting in and yet those gov polls say they are close. Does anyone smell a rat.

  11. If there is any law, Brexit should win but you can’t trust Dodgy Dave. The remain group were very aggressive and I genuinely think they will do something to stop Brexit. The EU are using as a slush fund and this will be very difficult to let go.

  12. I was in shock this morning and ecstatic too. David Cameron failed the people of Britain and I am so happy that he chose to resign with dignity.

  13. This election has changed the politics of our country and ŵe have a lot healing to do now.

  14. You bet they are very nasty women. Just look at Nicola Sturgeon roaring all over the place wanting to tear down the United Kingdom all by herself. She has just been rejected by the EU but she is still throwing herself to ambition to blocking the Brexit. What a maniac!.

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