Floods in southern China kill 25 people and displaces more than 33,000


A week of torrential rain in southern China has killed 25 people and displaced 33,200 residents, including many in poor, remote regions, officials said.

The Civil Affairs Ministry said four million people in 10 provinces have been affected by floods and landslides since heavy rain began on Monday. Six people are still missing.

In south-eastern Jiangxi province, people pushed cars floating in waist-high water while online footage showed vehicles swept away, as near record levels of rainfall battered south-western China.

The southern part of the country is hit every year during the monsoon season of May, June and July, but this rainy season has been particularly wet. Water levels in some major rivers have exceeded those of 1998, when China was hit by disastrous floods that affected 180 million people, according to state media reports.

In recent weeks, authorities have taken emergency measures, including discharging water from the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River.

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