Frank Ocean Drops New Single ‘Nikes’


The song that didn’t appear on the ‘Endless’ album

Frank Ocean has dropped a new single, ‘Nikes’, featuring lyrics about the late A$AP Yams. He’s gone back to his old start up days, with his slow ballad style music which many brought many to love him.

Rumoured to be featuring Chance the Rapper, it was expected that the song would be uptempo with Frank laying pitch-shifted vocals over a melancholy beat. Still doesn’t change the fact that the song still has people buzzin’.

Here are some images of the video exclusive:

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean, Endless

Many have waited for his album, ‘Endless’, to drop and the wait is finally over. It can be found on Apple Music as an Exclusive.

It was also reported that Endless is a prelude to another album that Frank Ocean plans to drop. Hopefully it’s not another year the public will have to wait, maybe it could be this weekend?

Rolling Stones also reported another record, previously titled Boys Don’t Cry, was dropping soon.


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