Frasier star Kelsey Grammer hit the Good Morning Britain sofa on Friday and revealed that he may give his support to Donald Trump, the controversial presumptive Republican nominee.

Kelsey told Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway why he would probably throw his weight behind the businessman whose Democratic party opponent Hillary Clinton was endorsed by President Obama on Thursday.

“I don’t really make anything of him at this point, except that he’s an unknown,” the Emmy Award-winning actor said. “Sometimes Americans, being what we are, the unknown becomes more attractive than the known and we do know what’s coming from the other side so I’m probably going to embrace Mr Trump.”

The 61-year-old, who is in the UK to promote his new film Breaking The Bank, which also stars Tamsin Greig, has long been conservative in his political leanings and is a celebrity supporter of the Republican party.

In 2015, a photo of the star was uploaded to Instagram in which his T-shirt carried an anti-abortion slogan. Three years earlier, he told US chat show host Jay Leno that his political views was a possible explanation as to why his short-lived drama Boss was not nominated for an Emmy.

Talking to Kate about the success of Frasier, he said: “They’re great shows, I am very proud of it. I was even at the time, we knew we were making a great show at the time. It was a terrific experience, a really conscientious group of people that worked really hard everyday and just did great work. They turned out really nice shows.”

Kelsey played psychiatrist Dr Frasier Crane for 22 years. He starred first in Cheers, the multi award-winning sitcom set in a Boston bar, and carried on the role when his character became the centre of hugely successful spin-off Frasier.


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