French police protest against ban on chokeholds after George Floyd death

Police contact with France protests for justice for George Floyd

French police are protesting against a new ban on chokeholds and limits on what they can do during arrests.

The ban is part of government efforts to stem police brutality and racism in the wake of global protests over George Floyd’s death in the US.

Police from the union Unite SGP Police FO laid their handcuffs on the ground outside some police stations around France on Thursday night in a symbolic protest, and another union plans to take action in Paris today.

Police unions are meeting interior minister Christophe Castaner to discuss changes to police tactics after Mr Castaner announced on Monday that police would no longer be taught to seize suspects by the neck or push on their necks.

Mr Castaner stopped short of banning another technique – pressing on a prone suspect’s chest – which has also has been blamed for leading to asphyxiation and possible death.

Such immobilisation techniques have come under growing criticism since Mr Floyd’s death.

“Mr Castaner appears to have heard us, but not heard us enough.”

France has seen several protests sparked by Mr Floyd’s death, and another is planned for Saturday.

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