Games developer EA forces takedown of Trump fan video over use of Mass Effect voiceover

Presidential-Elect Donald Trump

Donald Trump has locked horns with plenty of people during his presidential campaign, straying into the tech world by briefly calling on a boycott on Apple products.

But more surprisingly, Trump has now got himself into a tangle with Electronic Arts (EA), over a fan-made video that the billionaire tweeted from his official account.

The video in question is called Trump Effect, having been put together by a fan, using images of Trump on the campaign trail cut together with images and video of modern day America, including the protests outside Trump rallies and other more general disquiet.

The real point of contention though is the main audio, which is taken from Martin Sheen’s character, speaking in the Mass Effect 2 trailer from 2010. It’s all wonderfully dramatic.

Unsurprisingly, EA took issue with its work being used in a Trump video – even more so once it appeared to have been endorsed by Trump himself when he tweeted it.

The company quickly filed a takedown notice to YouTube, with Trump’s tweet becoming ‘withheld’ shortly afterwards, no longer displaying on his timeline.

In a statement to Game Informer, the developer of Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront said: “The video was an unauthorised use of our IP (intellectual property).

“We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”
At the time of writing, the video is still available online, though that is likely to change as time passes and EA tracks down each version.

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