German Cabinet approves military mission against ‘Islamic State’

German Cabinet approves military mission against ‘Islamic State’


The German Cabinet has approved plans to commit up to 1,200 soldiers to support the international coalition fighting against the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group in Syria.

The mandate, which requires parliamentary approval, was endorsed by ministers on today, it was reported.

It is not yet clear when lawmakers will consider it, but Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition has a large majority and approval looks assured.

Following the Paris attacks, Ms Merkel agreed to honour a request from France to provide support for its operations against IS in Syria.

Germany plans to send reconnaissance aircraft, tanker planes and a warship to the region in support roles, but will not actively engage in combat.

Foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that he does not expect Germany to have 1,200 soldiers participating at any one time.



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