Gwyneth mocks Country Strong on SNL


Gwyneth Paltrow teamed up with Cee-Lo Green on SNL

Gwyneth Paltrow mocked her own performance in new film Country Strong when she hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The Oscar-winning actress claimed she had studied country music for months before calling Dolly Parton “the lady with the hair and big boobs” and mistaking Kenny Rogers for Garth Brooks.

Gwyneth sang a duet of Islands in the Stream with hip hop star Cee-Lo Green and performed a sketch dressed up as Taylor Swift in a curly blonde wig and playing an acoustic guitar.

The Shakespeare in Love star sang Taylor’s Love Story in a sketch in which the singer was performing at at a Bar Mitzvah with what she called a “Bar Mitzvah twist.” She drawled: “Thank you so much for having me, y’all are awesome.”

Gwyneth appeared in a variety of other sketches, including one where she wore Tudor costume and sang a duet parodying Shakespeare plays.

She also played a 1970s songwriter, a policewoman, a Spanish TV presenter, a Mad Men-style 60s game show contestant and Heidi Klum, trying to get a presenting job on CNN with Eliot Spitzer.

Gwyneth was delighted to duet with Cee-Lo, telling the audience: “I am such a big fan of Cee-Lo – he is so gorgeous and amazing and talented.”

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