Health Secretary, Sajid Javid Shocking “So What” Response To Criticism Goes Viral

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Health Secretary Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, the UK Health Secretary has gone viral for the wrong reason on Twitter on Tuesday night for his shocking response to a legitimate criticism from a Twitter user, David Atherton regarding his third dose.

He said he went to the NHS for his third dose and was told they were only offering Moderna vaccines which was totally different from his previous first two Pfizer doses.

He then went on to Twitter to say this to Sajid Javid:

From our “world beating” @NHS. Went for my 3rd jab today, previously had 2 Pfizer ones.

They were only using Moderna vaccines.

WTF is happening @sajidjavid?

This wasn’t an unusual question because he obviously needed to know about the mix and match vaccines as can be deduced from the conversation.

Unfortunately, this did not sit well with Sajid Javid and his response was shocking and arrogant from a Health Secretary that works for the British people.

He responded by saying:

So what?

How about show some respect for the NHS

This response has provoked a massive negative response from the public and has gone viral. This is a MP voted in by the public and he seems to have forgotten this. He is being paid by the British taxpayers and consequently shouldn’t have been so abrupt or arrogant for a legitimate criticism.

The man was concerned about being offered a different vaccine to the previous doses he received. All he needed was some type of reassurance and possibly some data confirming that it was safe and he should not have to be concerned.

Obviously, from the response from the Health Secretary, he was not allowed question the NHS.

Serving the public efficiently can be gruelling sometimes but when you are being paid by the taxpayers you should always have to show some discernment.

Sajid Javid also displayed some anger in one of his interviews with Kay Burley recently, where he just went on and on without allowing Kay Burley a word in. When Kay Burley mention he didn’t let her speak, his reply implied that she does not let others speak to.

Perhaps the Health Secretary needs to take a chill pill and slow down as he is falling out with the public and it only goes downhill from this point. Perhaps he is stressed out with the job, who knows at this point.

Do you believe he needs to apologise or have some therapy from stress? Please let us know by Twitter.

Here are some screenshots of some Twitter response from the public.

From Calvin

From David Atherton

From Laurence Fox

From Micheal

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