High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer


By Deborah Thomas

High blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension is one of the fastest growing condition in the last 5 years. What makes this deadly is the fact that it is a silent killer that can go unnoticed for several years without any symptoms. The real cause of a high blood pressure is unknown but according to medical studies several factors have been known to enhance this condition.

This condition now affects everyone regardless of ethnicity or background, and if left unchecked leads to heart disease and stroke. According to the British Heart Foundation, as many as 7 million people in UK are living with a high blood pressure.

Over 30% of the population in England have hypertension and unfortunately this has become a similar trend in most developed countries. In the US, according to the centre of Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 million American adults have high blood pressure and 2013 more than 360,000 died due to high blood pressure.

Due to the fact it can creep into one’s life easily, it is highly recommended to get blood pressure readings done yearly especially if you are over 40 years of age. Here are some ways to preventing and keeping hypertension at bay:

Preventing High Blood Pressure


According to history high blood pressure tends to run in some families and most cases more cases seem to occur within the ethnic minority. With lifestyle choices changing at a rate higher than ever, it has become more of a general condition to most of the population of all races. In this circumstance, making healthy lifestyle choices will help keep this condition at bay.

Excessive Consumption of Salt:


There is a strong link between high blood pressure and salt. Excessive salt consumption results in a high blood pressure. It’s very easy to pick up the saltshaker on the dinner table and sprinkle as much as possible on foods before tasting. For some people, it is more of a routine than a necessity. Taste buds can easily be trained especially if you get in to a habit of substituting salt with other spices during cooking.
Also, most of the canned foods and frozen foods have substantial amount of salt in them. Adding extra salt during meals should be reduced as much as possible or even stopped to reduce the possibility of a high blood pressure.

Smart Diets Preventing Obesity:

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5 A Day

Eating 5 A Day is so essential to living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the body weight balanced. According to medical experts regular consumption of vegetables and oily fish is recommended for high blood pressure patients. Fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel are known to have all the essential oils necessary to protect the heart from heart disease. Excessive sugar consumption increases the weight and sugary drinks have been linked to obesity in people of all ages. Drinking water as a substitute to soda drinks will help reduce or maintain a regular blood pressure. Too much caffeine is not good for anyone and worse for high blood pressure patients.

Excessive Consumption of Alcohol:


Alcohol consumption in many different levels has always been dangerous to the health especially when over consumed. Alcohol is full of calories and if consumed excessively can lead to obesity. Dinking alcohol should be in moderation and if this is difficult to achieve, then do not drink at all. Experts warn that too much alcohol raises the blood pressure and all alcohol consumption should be limited to one drink a day or none at all if you have a high blood pressure

Quit Smoking:


Smoking is a huge hazard to the overall health and affects the lungs triggering the possibilities of lung cancer. Although it is not directly affecting the blood pressure but it increases the risk of heart disease. Quitting smoking will benefit the heart and lungs.



Stress is the most common cause of high blood pressure especially in big cities. Pressure at work in very demanding fast paced work environments. All these coupled with the day-to-day living contribute to a high blood pressure. It has become so difficult for some people to take time out because they believe the job will never be done without them.

Remember, when you are gone somebody else will do the same job perhaps even better. So it is time take stock on life, reduce all the aggravating situations in your life and simply chill out.

Get out more, take a break, get love and start living and you see that high blood pressure reducing.

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