High school student takes hostages


An armed student has taken 23 fellow students and one teacher hostage at a US high school

An armed student has taken more than 20 students and a teacher hostage after bursting into a high school classroom in the US state of Wisconsin.

A Marinette High School administrator called authorities after 3 pm local time to say a student had taken over a classroom, officials said.

Police Chief Jeff Skorik added authorities had been able to communicate with the teacher inside the classroom.

No injuries had been reported as of Monday evening and Skorik said no shots had been fired.

Skorik said 23 students were being held hostage in the classroom along with the teacher. He said police know the identity of the suspect and have contacted that student’s family.

“We have no idea as far as motivations at this point,” the chief said.

Choral teacher Bonita Weydt said she was talking with a teacher in another classroom after school, which lets out about 3:10 pm, when principal Corry Lambie came in.

“I said, ‘Corry, what’s going on?’ and he said, ‘Get out of the building,'” Weydt said.

County emergency management director Eric Burmeister said parents were asked to gather at the county courthouse.

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