Iraqi forces capture Mosul complex from IS


Iraqi forces have captured a government complex in western Mosul from the so called Islamic State group, a senior military commander has said.

The advance comes more than two weeks since the latest push started to clear the city’s western side of IS.
Lt Gen Abdul-Amir Raheed Yar Allah said troops hoisted an Iraqi flag on top of the buildings in the Dawasa district on Tuesday, hailing the federal police as “heroes”.

Lt Gen Yar Allah commands army operations in Ninevah, where Mosul is the provincial capital. He said the troops also control the western side of a second bridge across the Tigris River.

US-led air strikes disabled Mosul’s five bridges last year in a bid to isolate the militants.

Iraq declared eastern Mosul “fully liberated” last month but the militants have carried out attacks there since then.

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