Iron Man wants your support in Civil War


The Civil War is almost here, with Team Iron Man and Team Cap going head to head for the hearts and minds of the people of the world – both super-powered and otherwise.

It’s set to be a huge issue in the new movie which will see the Avengers team split in two on the issue of registering those with powers in the wake of numerous horrific attacks on humanity. And it’s going to get pretty darn dramatic.

Which is why it’s good to start with something lighter, like Tony Stark himself popping over to Paris to drum up some support in his own unique way. Check out the video with Robert Downey jr below. It’s pretty hilarious.

The actor has basically become Tony Stark since his 2008 debut and it’s going to be really strange when he finally hands the mantle over to another actor. But that’s not happening yet and in the meantime he remains perfectly cast and this video is also a pretty perfect example of the kind of thing he would do in real life to get attention for his cause.

We can’t wait to see how Team Cap responds.

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