Johnson given week’s deadline to face grilling from MPs


The British Prime Minister has been given a week’s deadline to appear before the Liaison Committee to be questioned.

Chairwoman of the Liaison Committee Dr Sarah Wollaston has written to Boris Johnson requesting that he give evidence to the committee within the next week

In the letter, Dr Wollaston requests that Mr Johnson appears before the committee before Wednesday October 2.

The PM had been scheduled to appear before the Liaison Committee on September 11, however the session was unable to take place due to the prorogation of Parliament.

Former Conservative MP and Liaison Committee chairwoman Sarah Wollaston has given Mr Johnson a week to appear before the committee

The Prime Minister’s Office wrote to Dr Wollaston at this time saying Mr Johnson would “reschedule his appearance before the Liaison Committee at the earliest opportunity when the House next meets”.

Mr Johnson will now have a week to appear before the committee after arriving back from the UN General Assembly in New York tomorrow.

The Liaison Committee is made up of the chairs of each of the select committees and meets with the Prime Minister to discuss matters of public policy, usually three times a year.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper, chairwoman of the Home Affairs Committee, has called on the Prime Minister to answer questions on his government’s actions.

Ms Cooper tweeted: “The Liaison Committee was due to question the Prime Minister on Wednesday September 11 until he unlawfully prorogued Parliament on Monday 9 to avoid it.

“He must now come before the Liaison Committee and answer questions about what on earth he and his Government are doing.”

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