Kim Jong Un’s Aunt lives in New York and runs a dry cleaning business

Kim Jong Un, Kim Yong Chol, Lee Hye-hoon, South Korea, North Korea, Pyonyang,
North Korean President Kim Jong Un

It has emerged that the aunt of the unpredictable North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un runs a dry cleaning business in New York.

Ko Yong-Suk lives under an assumed name, having defected in 1998.

She lives in New York with her husband and three children.
She has been interviewed by the Washington Post.

The newspaper was asked not to publish the names they use in the United States or to reveal where they live, mainly to protect their three adult children, who live normal professional lives.

The paper records that apparently Kim’s aunt bares a striking resemblance to her sister Ko Yong Hui, who was one of Kim Jong Il’s wives and the mother of Kim Jong Un.

The interview reveals how Ko Yong-Suk used to look after Kim Jong Un while he was in school in Switzerland.

Kim’s aunt says his main interest was basketball.

She says when his mother tried to tell him off for not studying, he would go a hunger strike.

Because the U.S intelligence have such little information on North Korea, Ko Yong-Suk and her husband remain a valuable source of information about the secretive country despite not having been there in 20 years.

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