The King of Norway’s speech on love and acceptance is exactly what the world needs

King of Norway, King Harald V

There’s no denying it, lately the news has been quite a depressing read. However, luckily the King of Norway has come to the rescue in his latest speech, which spreads a heartwarming message of acceptance and positivity.


Last Thursday, King Harald V of Norway gave a speech to the 1,500 guests attending a garden party at the Royal Palace in Oslo, and the sentiments he made were truly moving.
He was accepting of migrants, declaring that “home is where the heart is, that cannot always be placed within country borders”.

The king threw his support behind the LGBT movement, as well as spreading a message of religious tolerance: “Norwegians believe in God, Allah, everything and nothing.” For him, it doesn’t matter what sexuality or religion you are, which is a message of acceptance that the world sorely needs.

We also can’t help but love that the 79-year-old king made a pop culture reference, saying that Norwegians were as much united in their love for the DJ Kygo as the classical composer Greig.
He ended the speech on a strong message of unity and acceptance, saying that “my biggest hope for Norway is that we will manage to take care of each other”.

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