Labour’s Sadiq Khan Wins Another Term As London’s Mayor

Left: Sadiq Khan & Right: Shaun Bailey

Sadiq Khan has won the London Mayoral race beating his main rival, Conservative Shaun Bailey by gaining 55.2% of the popular vote in a run-off. This results came after neither of them failed to secure a majority in the first round of voting.

Sian Berry from The Green Party came third while Luisa Porritt from the Liberal Democrat’s came forth, failing to win more than 5% of the overall vote and thereby losing their deposit.

Sadiq Khan has always been ahead in the polls but at some point his lead shrank by 12 points giving Shaun Bailey the opportunity to make an impact. Overall it has not been an exciting election because of the pandemic and their was a drop in voter turnout.

Source: BBC

51 year old Sadiq Khan set a record in 2016 with a 228,000 vote majority, but with the loss of jobs and devastating economic problems in London could be a contributing factor to to the low voter turnout. There were no dramatic changes with his manifesto for London but sadly his opponents were not strong enough even during this rather difficult times.

London Elections Results – Source: London Elects Org

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