By Deborah Thomas

There is an old adage that says that you can prevent wrinkles by laughing more. Believe it or not, the facial skin is composed of elastic and collagen fibres that bind with water to give it a firm appearance.

As one gets older, the ability for these fibres to bind with water reduces resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Smiling and laughter are forms of facial exercises that improve firmness in the cheeks and chin. It is not rocket science; going out for a movie, dance or sharing good company are easy ways to getting a good laugh.

Medical research proves humour and laughter triggers the release of endorphins causing healthy physical changes in the body. This diminishes pain and protects the body from damaging effects of stress. A vast majority of health and medical experts recommend laughter and below are some physical and mental benefits you can get from simply laughing more.

Strengthens Relationships:

Fancy wearing a frown all day long and complaining at every little opportunity you get? You are bound to be alone for a long time! First step is to quit nagging and enjoy yourself; be a good sport and start smiling more. Get good conversation going and look at the positives more instead of the negatives. This will attract more people to you and make them bond better with you. Most of all, laughing more will generally increase your social life.

Not only does good laughter boosts the intimacy in relationships, it is fun, brings happiness and a great energy booster. Good humour is infectious and sharing a good laugh with friends and loved ones is a priceless medicine that you can easily achieve by simply making time.

Protecting your heart and lowers risk of heart disease

Laughter empties the lungs of more air than it takes in resulting in better breathing and stimulates the heart and lungs. According to a study by heart specialists at the University of Maryland in the US, people who laugh more have better blood flows around the body hence a balanced blood pressure. A good laughter is similar to a mini work out but with belly, diaphragm and abdominal muscles involved.

Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is the use of humour to promote overall health and wellness. This is particularly used to relieve the emotional stresses and discomfort from pain from serious illness. Researchers like Norman Cousins claimed to have cured him from a prolonged pain of several years by sticking to a regime of laugher and vitamins. He claims watching comedic movies helped him recover.

Cancer Treatment Centres in America also use laughter therapy for patients, introduced by Dr Katherine Puckett and been found as very effective in the healing process when used in addition to conventional treatments.

Loosing Weight:

Burning calories by serious laughing might sound strange but when you are dieting, it might be helpful to add a dose of comedy to your routine. Deep laughter raises the heart rate and speeds up metabolism, thereby burning those calories faster.

Laugh more and live longer!


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