Lawyer urges court to throw out Uber’s latest appeal over VAT bill


An epic court battle against Uber in the UK took another twist as the car-sharing giant came a step closer to being liable for a potential £1.5 billion in unpaid VAT.

The Good Law Project won a case against bosses at HM Revenues and Customs who must now reveal whether the agency has assessed Uber’s VAT tax liabilities last month.

But Uber subsequently filed an appeal against the decision before HMRC would have been forced to make the disclosure.

On Monday, the Good Law Project, which is run by anti-Brexit campaigner Jolyon Maugham QC, filed documents with the Court of Appeal to have Uber’s own appeal urgently thrown out.

Mr Maugham told the PA news agency: “The more time passes without an assessment being raised the more VAT is lost – forever.

“Whatever costs Uber run up pursuing a hopeless appeal will be dwarfed by the £4m or so lost every week if no assessment is raised.

“We hope and expect the Court of Appeal to give this ruse the short shrift it deserves.”

The Good Law Project initially attempted to take Uber to court to force them to disclose their tax affairs, but attempts for a protective costs ruling failed, making the case unviable financially.

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