Leopard escapes from safari park in China

China; Leopard animal control

Authorities in eastern China are still hunting for the last of three leopards that escaped from a safari park.

The animals from the Hangzhou Safari Park were spotted by villagers as early as May 1, according to the state-owned Global Times newspaper.

However, the safari park only reported the missing leopards and alerted the public on Saturday.

Two of the leopards have already been captured, and are in good health, officials said.

It is unclear how the leopards managed to escape.

Those searching for the remaining animal are using equipment such as drones as well as hunting dogs.

The leopard was spotted by a drone early on Sunday, but fled when people attempted to approach it, according to the Global Times.

The delay in announcing the escape sparked criticism that the safari park had put people at risk, especially since the leopards were at large over the five-day Labour Day holidays in China with many tourists visiting the city of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is one of China’s most popular tourist cities, famed for its tea plantations and the scenic West Lake.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the escape and have questioned the personnel in charge at the safari park.

The safari park said it was “sincerely sorry” for not announcing the incident sooner, according to a statement.

As the young leopards were believed to be less aggressive, the park said it did not make the announcement to prevent causing panic among the public.

The safari park has been temporarily closed while it reviews safety and management issues.


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