Lib Dem tapes 'reveal contempt'


Prime Minister David Cameron has been attacked in secret recordings of Lib Dem MPs

The personal animosity of a number of Liberal Democrat ministers towards David Cameron and George Osborne has been laid bare.

The Prime Minister’s sincerity was questioned and the Chancellor was said to “get up one’s nose” by Lib Dem members of the coalition Government secretly taped by undercover reporters.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that Care Minister Paul Burstow told what he thought to be Lib Dem voters: “I don’t want you to trust David Cameron.”

Local Government Minister Andrew Stunell said he did not know where Mr Cameron stood on the “sincerity monitor”.

David Heath, the Deputy Leader of the Commons, suggested multi-millionaire Mr Osborne was out of touch.

“George Osborne has a capacity to get up one’s nose, doesn’t he?” he said.

“I mean, what I think is, some of them just have no experience of how ordinary people live, and that’s what worries me. But maybe again, you know, that’s part of our job, to remind them.”

Transport Minister Norman Baker admitted: “I don’t like George Osborne very much.”

He also likened himself to Helen Suzman, the South African MP who fought the apartheid regime from the inside.

“She got stuck in there in the South African parliament in the apartheid days as the only person there to oppose it… she stood up and championed that from inside,” he said.

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