London Mayoral Elections Live

London Elections

By Deborah Thomas

Londoners get to decide today who will be the next Mayor.

Polling stations all around London opened at 7am with very little voter turnouts but from previous elections history, significant amount of traffic occurs usually after work. This past year of lockdowns and economic crisis has definitely taken a toll on Londoners and might be a reason for the drop in enthusiasm in the elections.

London Glossy correspondents spoke to a diverse amount of Londoners about this Mayoral election and what was repeated several times was they did not see a reason to vote as nothing ever changes. The other problem is that there are several candidates and only a few are really well known besides Sadiq Khan. Unfortunately there has not been very visible press campaigns all around London.

Shaun Bailey

Shaun Bailey

The Conservative Mayoral candidate, Shaun Bailey has had a lack lustre campaign and probably not having a great impact as the unhappy mood of country on the handling of the lockdown / economic crisis by the government might be robbing him some more voters.

Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox

Actor & Political Activist of the Reclaim Party, Laurence Fox, is very interesting and definitely one to watch in Politics. He supports liberty and he is anti-lockdown and has bravely joined the London anti-lockdown March. He is personable, approachable and has the cool look that can garner the youths but has some considerable amount of journey to make reaching out to a much wider audience.

Brian Rose

Brian Rose

Brian Rose, the American London Real founder has made a significant connection to London from his shows. He is athletic and has a can do attitude and he wants to tackle the knife crime in London which is a major fail of Sadiq Khan. He is charismatic and he talks the talk but because he is a fresh face in politics he will need to get out there to the real Londoners to learn more about all their needs.

The state of politics in the country as a whole is not as exciting as it used to be. There is a huge amount of the British population’s distrust for the political class and so many economic problems especially in the small business communities. London is a very beautiful multicultural society and the pandemic has taken its toll on the society, businesses and the people.

Londoners are not happy to keep facing higher tube fares every New Year. There is so much that can be done in London to make it the greatest city in the world and perhaps a fresh face in politics will make a difference.

London Mayoral Candidates

Shaun Bailey – Conservatives

Kam Balayev – Renew

Sian Berry – Green Party

Count Binface – Count Binface for London Mayor

Valerie Brown – The Burning Pink Party

Piers Corbyn – Let London Live

Max Fosh – Independent

Laurence Fox – Reclaim Party

Peter Gammons – UKIP

Richard Hewison – Rejoin EU

Vanessa Hudson – Animal Welfare Party

Steven Kelleher – Social Democratic Party

Sadiq Khan – Labour Party

David Kurten – Heritage Party

Farah London – Independent

Nims Obunge – Independent

Niko Omilana – Independent

Luisa Porritt – Liberal Democrats

Mandu Reid – Vote Women’s Equality Party

Brian Rose – London Real Party

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