Luddington: Royal film 'an honour'


Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington star in William And Kate

The actress playing Kate Middleton in the forthcoming film about the royal romance said she hopes the couple see the movie.

Camilla Luddington said it was “an honour” to get the part and to be given the chance of joining the “exciting celebration” of Miss Middleton’s wedding to Prince William.

The English-born actress admitted she needed a little help from a dialect coach because her time in LA had left her with “an American accent at this point”, but said her family were “so proud” she got the part.

She said: “My dad was very excited for me to be playing an English role. He was, like, ‘Remember you’re British’, and he was very, very patriotic about it and very excited.”

Camilla described her co-star, New Zealand actor Nico Evers-Swindell who plays William, as “fabulous” and “so easy to fall in love with”.

She said they both hoped the couple would watch the finished film, adding: “If it was my relationship, then I’d want to see how they portrayed us, so I hope they watch it.”

Nico said he was shocked by the level of press attention the film had received but said it helped him play the part of the prince.

He said: “I had an incredibly visceral sense of actually what, in a way, Will and Harry actually go through … that sense of vulnerability just hit straight away so it was quite informative from an actor’s point of view.

“It’s something that would take a lot of getting used to but they’ve had their lives and events good and bad in their life that they’ve dealt with.”

The production, called William And Kate, is being made for American TV network Lifetime. It is thought the movie will be broadcast around the time of the royal wedding on April 29.

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