Mango Mania Finale


By Kavita Shyam

Crowning our mango mania recipes is the amazing mango sunrise! Another delight from food Expert- Sandeep Panwar, Executive Chef, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa.

Mango Sunrise


Mango pulp 60 ml
Mango Juice 120 ml
Grenadine syrup 15 ml
Ice cubes 02


In a glass put mango pulp and mango juice. Add grenadine syrup. Add two cubes of ice. Stir the mocktail before serving. Serve chilled.
So this season whether you are planning to surprise your kids, husband, inlaws or guests with some mango delicacies, take notes from our chef’s expert recipes and win hearts like never before.
Here’s hoping all you mango lovers will enjoy preparing and gorging on these delicious recipes this scorching season! Bon appetite!


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